Our story

Like our sandwiches, the Press’d team is Canadian Born and bre(a)d.

Our story, like our sandwiches themselves, is a Canadian classic. It’s a tale set on basketball courts and food courts; a quest to give the people what they really want for lunch – the perfect sandwich. Back in the mid-2000s, U of A Golden Bears basketball teammates Gavin Fedorak and Scott Gordon were in Phoenix seeking solace in sandwiches after a particularly decisive loss to the Arizona State Sun Devils. The offerings they happened upon were delicious – freshly baked bread, full of high-quality meats, cheese, and veggies. They were filling and well priced, and the whole experience came together as a win for the boys following their loss on the court. It also sparked the beginning of an idea for our entrepreneurial guys. A few years later, back in Edmonton, Gavin and Scott were now on a winning streak with promising accounting careers. But the memory of those sandwiches from Phoenix was never far from their minds. Their path was obvious, and, along with Gavin’s brother Grant, they teamed up to work towards their dream: to bring Edmonton (and one day all of Canada) great sandwiches. In 2010, after a year of testing recipes and learning to bake the kind of bread worthy of the sandwiches they envisioned, the three-man team opened the first Press’d. Their first location proved their point – everybody loves sandwiches. Now with multiple locations and a menu of classic favourites and gourmet flexes, Press’d sandwiches are a star player across Western Canada, gaining popularity from those enjoying them on park benches, in boardrooms and everywhere in between.

Our vision

We have one simple rule: sandwiches.

And to everyone that says, “Hey wait a second, that’s not a rule.” We say, “To us, it is.” and “Who makes the rules about making rules anyways?”. We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again, sandwiches are full-stop the best food going. So every sandwich we make, we strive to make the best — and because we know a sandwich is nothing without amazing ingredients, we use amazing ingredients; we use produce grown by Canadian prairie farmers, we use bread baked from scratch, and we use recipes that are relentlessly tested and perfected. Because we believe sandwiches are more than something you eat, they’re a promise you make to your mouth.

Our bread

Every Great Sandwich Starts With Fresh Bread. That’s Why We Start With Fresh Bread.

We wake up every morning thinking about bread. How it nobly holds our sandwiches together, keeping all those delicious ingredients in place, and never gets any of the glory. Well, we’re here to give bread some glory. We start every day baking our bread from scratch. Because we know that fresh baked bread is just about the best thing there is, and it only gets better when you slap it on either side of a sandwich. The only thing better than fresh bread is lots of different kinds of fresh bread. That’s why we make rye, 12-grain, whole wheat, and white bread fresh every day. It’s why we make fun stuff like jalapeño cheddar bread. We love bread so much that we believe everyone should get to enjoy it. That’s why we bring in gluten-free bread from our friends at Kinnikinnick Foods. It’s time to shine the spotlight on bread. It is (literally) the foundation of our sandwiches.